Developing "The Pattern" 

Dr. Johann Friedrich Otto Scheid

Even though there are no "date stamps" on this Bible Code, from what we can see here, Amalek (Nazi Germany) is in a state of collapse and the Royal Families are scrambling. Their plans are in need of severe adjustment. As we have learned from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and the History Channel's program Hunting Hitler, a special meeting of the Nazi elite and the industrialists of Germany was held at the Hotel Maison Rouge in Strasbourg, France on August 10, 1944. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Johann Friedrich "Otto" Scheid, an "honorary" ϟϟ Obergruppenfuhrer and a director of Hermsdorf-Schönburg GMBH. (pictured to the right) This meeting was held under very tight SS security at the Hotel Maisson Rouge in Strasbourg, France, with Allied Troops located only 100 miles to the west. Our only reliable record of the meeting is a report by an unnamed French Spy titled The Red House Report (U.S. Military Intelligence Report EW-Pa 128).

To learn more about The Red House Report, read this Report by Adam Lebor, this article in the U.K. Daily Mail, or consult this French article in Wikipedia. What is important for us to understand is that by 1943 (with their horrific loss at the Battle of Stalingrad, where they lost their entire Sixth Army), the Germans realized that they had lost the War and needed to prepare for a new world without direct Nazi rule. Multiple authors have reported that Dr. Scheid directed the members of the Royal Families and the industrialists in this meeting to abandon the concept of a political Nazi Germany ruling the world and to work for an economic Germany to achieve their goal of ruling of the world. One of the main participants in this meeting were executives of I.G. Farben (Interessengemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AG, German for "Dye Industry Syndicate Corporation"), the largest drug and chemical company in the world. They were infamous for their work in the concentration camps developing many of the drugs we now use in the normal course of medical practice. Their research was not inhibited at the time by the "constraints" placed on modern medical research (such as the Nuremberg Code). The Bible Code we are about to see suggests that one of the ways the Germans hope to hold economic power over the world is to create viruses that will foster a demand for their "medical research" without the normal financial, political, and ethical constraints normally placed upon them.

After the War, the massive German conglomerate, I.G. Farben A.G. was eventually broken up into four successor companies: Bayer [XETRA:BAYN.DE], Afga-Gevaert N.V. [Berlin:AGE.BE] , BASF [XETRA:BAS:DE], and Sanofi [NASDAQ:SNY]. The drug interests were separated into Bayer AG and Sanofi, while the chemical interests were given to BASF. Bayer made international business news recently with their purchase of Monsanto Corporation, pushing them back into the chemical business. Each of these four corporations now dominate their sectors of the world economy but they also understand that their dominance could diminish at any time. Therefore, anything they could do to enhance their world dominance becomes interesting.

This Bible Code suggests that these corporations and the Royal Families who have heavily invested in these corporations may have made an alliance with Ancient Evil to maintain their place on the world economic stage. They have seen the decline of once large and massive corporations like General Motors [NYSE: GM], Ford [NYSE: F], and United States Steel [NYSE: X], and the advancement of corporations like Apple Computing, Inc. [NYSE: AAPL], Alphabet, Inc. [NYSE. GOOG]Microsof Corporation [NYSE: MSFT], and multiple other technology corporations that now dominate the world economy, yet did not exist prior to 1970. Therefore, the Royal Families and the companies they have invested in are deluded into thinking that by making Ancient Evil their partner, they will survive the future. Hence, the Bible Code:

Code Matrix Code Key

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As we read this code, we find Amalek partnered with the Seven Royal Families, working on a virus to contaminate the world. Unfortunately, we do not see the word "Corona" in this code. What we see is Amalek and the Royal Families trying to contact Cain (Osirus) and Ancient Evil in an attempt to have them communicate to them a killer virus. But this attempt becomes an "evil report" that may be alarming, but what they have at this point is a virus with no real "killing power."

These attempts can be best described, as we learned in the last Bible Code, as "The Pattern." The Royals desire the power they had in the beginning of the 20th century. If getting the entire world sick is their road to power, they will take it, even if they have to sell their souls to Ancient Evil to get it. They will keep trying and we will keep working on new Bible Codes.

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