Understanding the Real ANTIFA

When we began to understand that ANTIFA was not just a bunch of crazy youth rioting and causing problems in Portland, Oregon and other cities, our Bible Code work took on a very serious look. When we further understood that this group had a long history that goes back to the Wiemar Republic of post World War I Germany, we realize that not only are they well-organized, but they are well-funded as well. While the conservative media would like you to think that their money comes from ex-alleged Nazi SS billionaire George Soros, we started to find that the money was coming from the ten royal families of Europe (see Daniel 7:24, Revelation 17:12).

As we have pointed out on other pages, the ten royal families once ruled most of the world until 1870 when Louis Napoleon III was deposed as France's emperor at the end of the Franco-Prussian War. At the end of World War I, House of Hapsburg was removed from its rule in Austria and the House of Hohenzollern was removed from its rule in Germany. In 1922, the House of Savoy was removed from rule in Italy and in 1931, the House of Bourbon was removed from its rule in Spain. But while their countries became republics, they still often held substantial financial interests which allowed them to have economic power in the world. However, the Books of Daniel (7:24) and Revelation (17:12) tells us that these royal families will again attempt to rule the world.

If they are going to succeed in ruling the world, they need to remove the United States of America, Russia, and China as super-power nations. They will also have to find a way to bring Asia and Africa back under their control. One of their biggest problems is the United States of America (USA). Since the election of President Trump, the USA has opted out of Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and several United Nations agreements the royal families used to keep themselves funded. There are further rumors suggesting President Trump wants to opt out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). All of these agreements brought valuable money from the United States to the control of the European royal families. Now that this money is gone, the royal families are now feeling an economic constriction they have not felt since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Getting that money back means they need to find some way to remove President Trump from the White House. While the Democrat Party, through their control of the House of Representatives, seeks daily to find ways to impeach President Trump, even they know their Articles of Impeachment were to ever pass in the House of Representatives, they will never be seriously considered by the U.S. Senate.

Therefore, the royal families have to find another way. That way was to resurrect ANTIFA (the Badder-Meinhof "Red Army" Faction) from its alleged 1998 dissolution, move its base to the United States, and use it to somehow eliminate President Trump from the White House. We turn to the Bible Codes to see how they might accomplish this very ambitious goal:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Matrix Key

Click here to download a PDF file containing this Bible Code Matrix.

Behind all the rioting and violence for which ANTIFA has been known for much of its existence, this code suggests something much deeper. It seems they are doing the same thing that Osama bin Laden was doing before he was eliminated on October 17, 2001. Bio-terrorism is very hard to detect, let alone control after it happens. In this case, their goal is to find a way to contaminate the blood of the President of the United States and many of the President's larger supporters in Congress. It is apparent that they will have help from the demonic side via necromancy and will have support from the former Vice-President of the United States: Joe Biden. The key demons that need to be bound in this scenario are Osiris (Cain) and Moloch.

Their first attempt to try this ended in complete failure on October 10, 2019 when President Trump had a very successful campaign rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Warned about these attempts via intelligence gathering and prophecies from Spirit-filled Christians, the Defense Department (DoD) assembled special troops to assist the Secret Service in defeating their untoward attempts to overthrow the government of the United States.

We should be mindful that even though ANTIFA has failed in their initial attempts, they will try again. They are well-funded, well-supported, and very determined! The royal families who fund them still need U.S. taxpayer money to allow them to live the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

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