How ANTIFA Really Operates!

The previous Bible Code showed us that the Mainstream Media's representation of ANTIFA does not begin to tell us just who they really are. They are not just a bunch of crazy left-wing youth who commit acts of vandalism and assault because they have nothing else to do. While the mainstream media would like elicit sympathy for them, it is hard to have any sympathy for criminals who commit violent acts!

When we understand that ANTIFA has been around for almost a century and that their organization has had a history violent behavior in their past, then we need to take them more seriously than we have been doing. The Bible Codes have clearly indicated that ANTIFA is part of the end-time "Ancient Evil" that threatens to take over the world and rule it using the "benevolent dictator" model first proposed by the Greek philosopher Plato is his famous book titled The Republic. However, it is important to remember that "Ancient Evil" will have components on both the right and the left of the political spectrum, so ANTIFA cannot be the total focus of our research.

But for now, as Christians, we need to understand ANTIFA and its implications in our lives. Right now, we see them as a militant opposition to President Trump and his Republication Party leaders. But the last Bible Code suggested that their militant side is only a cover for what they are really doing. As we continued to research the Bible Codes, we found they are much more than even what the last Bible Code said. Here is another Bible Code:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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The Joker

In this Bible Code, like the others, they are using necromancy to get their orders. The lead demon is Ashima (known in the West as the trickster demon Pan, in Disney lore as Peter Pan, and in DC Comic Book lore, as "the Joker"), but others are working in concert with Ashima. As we find with most works of Ancient Evil, the vagabond Cain (AKA Osiris) is at the top of the pyramid using his witchcraft to push this movement forward. Also, we are finding that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is working in concert with ANTIFA much like they worked with the Mafia to get rid of President Kennedy in 1963.

The CIA has also put them in contact with components of Islamic terrorism so they can get better "trained." They have also made sure via George Soros (real surname: Schwartz, German for "black") that they have the funding they will need. However, we are starting to realize that the ten royal families are the funding source behind Mr. Soros. It is easier to get the world to look upon one man as the "bad guy" rather than to really investigate and see where the money is really coming from. Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleWhile the Bible points to the ten kings (royal families), even the Conservative media is content to blame one man and let the real evil ones "off the hook." The actual royal families never get blamed for anything. Instead, our paparazzi seem intent on hounding the former "Prince" Harry and actor Meghan Markle into their graves.

We also see that what they tried to do in Minneapolis, Minnesota is not an anomaly. Apparently, they have been given at least some of Osama bin Ladin's "research" in an effort to become adept at chemical and bio-warfare. In that way, their terrorism is much more effective.

This is one of many subjects we continue to research. We are also starting to wonder if ANTIFA operatives have been planting the COVID-19 "virus" into the water supplies of major cities?

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