Behind the Vaccine Research

In a previous section of this website, we noted the research of Dr. Joseph Mengele. History has recounted in some detail his research into genetics and his barbarism at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp from 1942-1945. We further noted that after War, he remained hidden in Germany until 1949, when he obtained false identifying documents and fled to Argentina like many of his associates. He remained in Argentina until 1955 when a coup d'etat deposed dictator Juan Peron and exposed many emigrated former Nazis to arrest and deportation. From there, Dr. Mengele spent time in Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, and likely other places as well. The last 20 years of his life, he replaced Martin Bormann as the head of the Nazi Movement worldwide.

Our interest in Dr. Mengele piqued when we watched this episode of the TV Show: Fringe aired January 10, 2010. The title of the episode was "The Bishop Revival." In the following clip, Dr. Walter Bishop makes an observation about Dr. Joseph Mengele:

We would have dismissed this statement from Dr. Bishop were it not for a statement actor John Noble (who played Dr. Bishop) made at a convention years ago. He explained that he would only play the role of Dr. Bishop if the science he was portraying has a basis in reality! Therefore, when Dr. Bishop stated that Dr. Mengele used genetics to create "chemical weapons," we had to evaluate that statement. The subsequent Bible Code we found supported Dr. Bishop's statements. However, when all the facts are considered, some questions arise that need answers.

The biggest question we had was how Dr. Mengele, being only a Captain in the SS, could do chemical weapons research without some kind of authorization from his superiors? We know he was given a considerable amount of leeway in the genetic research he did at Auschwitz in Poland, but nothing seems to point to the fact that he was doing chemical weapons research as well. There is plenty of film and photographs from his time at Auschwitz doing this genetic research, but sometimes, a mass of media on one subject might suggest the Nazis were hiding other subjects from view. We forget sometimes, that Nazi Germany had plenty of their own "top secret" research. Even after the War, much of that research never reached Western or Russian intelligence, or if it did, the intelligence agencies chose, for whatever reason, to maintain its secrecy.

The question remains: who is right? Why would a Fox Television Network program, 65 years after the War is over, decide to reveal this interesting fact? Prior to that time, almost every medical journal stated that Dr. Mengele's research was "useless." Yet the television show would have one to believe that at least some of that Nazi SS research had some value. Watch this clip:

The idea that someone could taint a poison gas to kill people with brown eyes while leaving the people with blue and green eyes untouched remains something "modern" medical science would deny. They would argue that such an event is the result of a writer with a wild imagination. They would further argue that Hitler would have never authorize such experimentation. Yet, we have found that after the German loss at the Battle of Stalingrad in early 1943, that Hitler was no longer in charge of the government. That key decisions were made by either Martin Borman or collectively by the Order of the Black Sun in meetings at Wewelsburg Castle. At that point, neither Western intelligence agencies or the Russians really knew who was running German operations. More to the point, if Dr. Mengele was being authorized to create chemical weapons, who would authorize him to do it? An SS captain cannot do this work on his own. Let's see if the Bible Codes can shed some light on this horrible darkness.

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