The Typhon Chronicles

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Typhon - Combination Star-Comet

After looking at the first code, we realized that this was a serious matter, that Revelation 8-9 are not just stories, but an event that will impact out future for a long time. The biggest question we had from this last code: What exactly is Typhon? Is is a comet as many prophecy teachers have theorized, or is it a real star as the plain text of the Bible teaches. The prophecy teachers are quick to remind you that the comet came from the Greek word κομήτης which means "long-haired star." It is pretty clear that John Mark, the author of the Book of Revelation (not John the Apostle as many erroneously think) was quite aware of the word and opted not to use it. However, since we know more about comets and stars in modern times, we wondered if maybe, the Bible Codes could offer us some information. Indeed the Creator of the Universe has a lot more to say:

To download a PDF of this Bible Code, click on this link.

When we look at the Bible Code, we see that Typhon is a combination star and comet. It has the power of a star but looks like a big comet. We aren't the first to suggest such an object in space, but this is the first time we have seen it in a Bible Code. However, as we study this code, we discover that our governmental officials are indeed seeking spiritual help in trying to deal with this star/comet. Unfortunately, they are not seeking YHWH, they are seeking the help of liberal Christian ministers, necromancers, familiar spirits, and other spiritual beings. But it isn't just the governments of the world dealing with Typhon.

The Code also mentions our own Tom Mack and how he may have his own way to deal with Typhon. He knows from this code and from what the late Olaf Hage has taught him that Typhon will strike the planet Mars and send it hurtling towars earth. Mars' apparent target is Maine. Yet, that is not where Mr. Mack will be going. He will be heading to Heavener, Oklahoma. His studies of the region indicates the existence of a massive curse, apparently placed by Prince Mardoc, one of the sons of King Arthur (who did not become heir to the throne). A mile east of Heavener is Heavener Runestone Park. In there is a massive runestone with carvings on sandstone that make absolutely NO sense until you understand Mardoc's curse. He found a way to curse the country that denied him a throne. Mr. Mack knows that if he can break the curse, the star-comet will land in the ocean like it is supposed to in Revelation 8:10-11.

We also noticed from the Bible Code that many forces will be trying to manipulate Typhon and Mars so that their part of the world is least affected. The next code in this series tells an interesting story that we learned about when Olaf Hage commissioned us to do a code on Typhon.