The Typhon Chronicles

Typhon - Danger Averted in 2010-2011

The spector of the Star-Comet Typhon has been around a long time. Students of the Book of Revelation have studied chapters eight and nine, wondering what would really happen. Since that time, countless books and other media have speculated as to what these chapters really mean. With the rediscovery of the Bible Codes, we have finally obtained the ability to gather more information about this cataclysmic event. We first used the Bible Codes in 2010 at Olaf Hage's request to get our first look at Typhon:

Click here to obtain a PDF copy of this Bible Code.

The interesting thing about this code is that a part of Typhon did come close to earth in A.D. 2010, prepared to destroy the earth. It was one of the first times Mr. Obama appeared in a Bible Code we had done. This part of Typhon was headed for the Middle East in lands owned by the Islamic god Allah. Since Mr. Obama is Islamic adherent himself, he considered his political religion to be at stake. He summoned up the beast Cain and apparently used some kind of witchcraft or even a particle-beam weapon to shatter and break in pieces, this fragment of Typhon.

However, when we consider the Bible Code on the previous page, we realize that the one soon coming will first crash into Mars and then send Mars hurtling towards earth. We also realize that we will be receiving a number of fireballs between then and now. We have noticed it in Colorado with the increasing number of forest fires coming out of the Rocky Mountains. We fully intend to watch this situation and continue to post codes about Typhon.