The 2016 Election - Disaster for Hillary Rodham (Clinton)

In what the Mainstream Media still considers to be the "biggest modern upset election in history," Billionaire Donald Trump defeated former New York Senator and First Lady, Hillary Rodham (Clinton) in a "landslide." Some of the credit has to be given to Donald Trump's staff, who were wary of how the Democrats fixed elections in the past and were planning to do it this time. More of the credit goes to the many Christians who prayed for this election and forced what appears to be a "Divine Result."

Hillary Rodham's people were stunned by the result and have since thrown temper-tantrums on a national scale to protest the election. Even the Mainstream Media (MSM) has jumped into the act and has been caught running "fake news stories" in untoward efforts to discredit President Trump and his efforts. But beyond the "temper-tantrums" and the whiney attitude of the Mainstream Media, the Trump Administration has remained solid. But behind the scenes, the devil's servnts are working overtime to remove President Trump and bring in someone more willing to do their bidding.

The Prophetic Dream

St. John the Divine Cathedral, New York City

On April 6, 2017, Major Tom Baird (ret.) received a "vision within a dream" warning of future assassination attempts on President Trump. In this vision, they were in St. John the Divine Cathederal in New York City (pictured to the right). Apparently, President Trump was in the cathedral for some event when The Major could see that there were security issues. The President's security team had gotten isolated from the President and when The Major tried to explain to them their faulty thinking, they disregarded him. However, as he looked around, his spirtual eyes were opened. Suddenly, he could see that sixteen angels were still guarding President Trump, four reliefs total, meaning there were 64 angels assigned by the YHWH with protecting the President of the United States in the spiritual world. If an emergency came, these angels could expand their security perimeter to a radius of one mile and two miles in diameter, should that need arise. When The Major looked at this copy this morning, he added the following:

As I was in worship this morning, the Holy Spirit reminded me that not only did I suddenly see the angels, but at the same time, I was suddenly made "Captain of the Guard of Angels" protecting the President. They did not take up their positions until I saw where they needed to be posted and then gave the command for them to “Assume Your Posts” at which time they were instantly all in position. It is an amazing thing to find yourself assigned as the Captain of the Guard of the Lord’s Task Force of Angels responsible to insure the safety of the President and his people. These angels were the best soldiers I have ever commanded. They could do what no normal soldier can do. They could see the danger, anticipate what my command would be, and already have taken the needed action. That’s how they expanded the perimeter to shift it to making the President the center of the secure zone and expand it out to a mile at the same time when we discovered the President had moved out of the building.
Can you imagine being entrusted as Captain of the Guard of a Heavenly Host? I am humbled, in awe, and joyfully obedient to our Lord who was giving me the up to date enemy status and intent, the status of what the President’s team was up to, and the actions He desired to take place.

Before any of you accuse The Major of being arrogant, we would remind you of this scripture:

But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool? Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? (Hebrews 1:13-14)

When The Major looked in the distance though, there were forces, both human and demonic waiting for that opportunity to assassinate President Trump. The Major made it clear that their objective is to "isolate and assassinate." He also emphasized the importance of prayer in protecting the President.

The Bible Code

Since this was a very important "vision within a dream," Major Tom Baird decided to see if this vision could be found in The Bible Codes. When Tom Mack started researching in the codes, he found not only that not only was The Major's vision was right-on, but that the LORD had more to tell us about what The Major saw. Here is the Bible Code:

The Trump Bible Code The Trump Bible Code Words

To download a PDF version of this Bible Code, click here.

When the Bible Code presented itself, we found Lucifer again gathering various demonic gods to carry out this task. Most notable is the national god of Moab: Chemosh, represented in modern times by the Kingdom of Jordan (interesting that the King of Jordan Abdullah II visited President Trump on April 5, 2017). Also summoned to help in this is Horus, the national diety of Egypt, Cain, and his troops ofnephilim (Giants). On paper, it will appear that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) will be behind the plots. Their plan is to use some kind of a poison bullet to murder President Trump in cold blood. We noticed in this code that if people pray, this murder will not happen.

The Star of Revelation 9

As we researched this code even more, we found an interesting word embedded within this code: "star." We immediately realized why the President Trump assassination attempts would end in 2021/2022. The "star" apparently is in reference to Revelation 9:1 as follows:

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. (Revelation 9:1 emphasis author)

Suddenly, we realized that an event was going to happen that would make those who wanted to assassinate President Trump lose interest. (We did not realize at the time that he would lose the 2020 election to Joe Biden) It became clear that the star-comet Typhon would visit the earth. Some people call it Nibiru and have been warning of its arrival for some time. What we do know from the Bible is that when it comes, it will further open the caldrons of Hell and bring forth a torment that the earth has not seen for a long time.


It is important to understand that we were only getting glimpse of the future in this Bible Code. Glimpses have serious limitations. We can see one thing but we cannot sees exactly what 2021/2022 will be like (e.g., that Joe Biden would be president). What we do know is that President Donald Trump needs our prayers NOW, but also in the future. The flotilla of evil beings going after President Trump will not give up because they did not get their job done. They will keep trying and trying again. We need him around when the star does come. We need him to guide us when this deluge does finally hit. That means he needs to win the 2020 election (which he allegedly did not do).

As we get more codes on this, we will post them and let you know.

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