Ever since 1960, elections in the United States of America have been scripted. The 1960 election saw Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy upset Vice-President Richard Nixon. Political pundits at the time claim that the Nixon-Kennedy Debates weeks before determined the winner. They claimed that voters preferred the young and upbeat style of Kennedy as opposed to the staid, tired-looking Richard Nixon. What most of the mainstream media missed (with the exception of the Atlantic Monthly) was the fact that Kennedy was taking methamphetamines before each debate. While Kennedy's doctors claim they were giving him the drugs for his back pain, others argued that letting Kennedy take drugs before the debate was no different than an athlete illegally taking Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) to make themselves more alert, bigger, and stronger prior to their athletic event.

Yet on Election Day of 1960, the insiders still had to cook the books to give Kennedy the election victory. The most flagrant example of this was the ballot-box scandal in Mayor Daley's Chicago. Realizing that the people of Chicago were not voting for Kennedy as Mayor Daley had promised the Democrat Party they would, election officials "lost" dozens of ballot boxes, ensuring that Kennedy would win Illinois and the 1960 Presidential Election. Yet, after Kennedy got into office, he started doing things to displease those who had worked to elect him. Three years later, JFK was publicly assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Texan Lyndon Baines Johnson would take over as President and start doing what the "Deep State" wanted Kennedy to do.

Since that time, every U.S. election has been scripted with two major exceptions. In 1980, no Republican contender could match the communication skills of former "B-movie" actor Ronald Reagan. He flew to the top of the race and won without much trouble. There was no way the insiders could again fix the election for Jimmy Carter. They solved their problem by inserting former Director of Central Intelligence: George H.W. Bush as the Vice-Presidential candidate (based upon his big win in the Iowa Caucuses that year, though again, a lot of questions have arisen since that time about the vote counting procedures used in the Iowa Caucuses). Between that and a Democrat Congress, there was not much Mr. Reagan could do to push his agenda any further than he did. Still, he accomplished a lot in his first term. The second term, he didn't accomplish so much.

The 2016 Election

The second major exception to the script has been what has transpired in the 2016 election cycle so far. If money is any indication, the fall election battle was set up to be a "fake" battle between former First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham "Clinton" from the Democrat Party and former Florida Governor John Ellis "Jeb" Bush from the Republican Party. Both had spent years raising millions of dollars via their campaign fund-raisers and both seemed ready for the fall 2016 election.

Taking no chances, the Republicans ran sixteen candidates to make it look like Jeb Bush had been properly vetted. What they did not count on was a seventeenth candidate entering the race: Billionaire Donald Trump. Initially written off by the "Deep State" political media as a "no-hoper," they forgot that Mr. Trump had been the star of one of NBC's top reality television shows for the last fourteen years: The Apprentice. As such, he had more exposure to the voters than any of the other 16 candidates combined! Even more interesting, because of his 14 years on television, he showed the voters he knew how to properly manage a multinational corporation, somethingnone of other candidates have ever done as well as he has. Every week, his most famous two statement was "You're Fired!" Because of his massive amount of demonstrated experience, he blew out the other 16 candidates and became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

The Convention Season

The only remaining formality is the Republican and Democrat National Conventions to be held this summer. Hillary Clinton has already gathered nearly enough delegates (as of May 22, 2016) to win the Democrat nomination. Senator Bernie Sanders continued onward, but his chances diminished every day. He suspended his campaign a few weeks later. His only hope is if the Obama Justice Department decides to indict Ms. Rodham-Clinton in the email scandal. While this was certainly possible, it was highly unlikely because Hillary had enough "political dirt" on each member of the Obama Administration to get him impeached and. them indicted and imprisoned.

Donald Trump has already dispatched his other sixteen contenders, as they have all suspended their campaigns. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was obliged to leave the race when he was blown out in the Indiana Primary a few weeks prior. His exit was further encouraged by some revelations that his father was connected to CIA-asset Lee Harvey Oswald. Ohio Governor and former Congressman John Kasich was also obliged to leave the race after he proved he could not win any state besides his home state. Trump is now the only candidate left as Mitt Romney's attempts to recruit another candidate failed miserably.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Rodham-Clinton

Even the national conventions have taken a sideline to Trump-Clinton presidential race. Polling by Rasmussen Reports prior to the election had Donald Trump leading Hillary Rodham-Clinton by five percentage points. It doesn't take much of an expert to see that losing by five points translates into a landslide win for Donald Trump. The Hillary Rodham-Clinton camp had to be very concerned. They also have to realize that overcoming this deficit will not be easy, unless they get some help. The one way they can get closer to the White House is to eliminate Donald Trump. While that would sound far-fetched, we know from countless websites that Ms. Rodham has resorted to murder before. With the highest office in the land at stake, she is not going to stand on high, moral ground now. If this is indeed the case, we should be able to find it in the Bible Codes. We ran the terms and got this 17 word code:

Father Dowling and Sister "Steve" OskowskiFrom what we can see from the code, Hillary's people will attempt to use some kind of gun using bullets made of dry ice and laced with ricin. That way, all the pathologist sees in an autopsy is that Donald Trump had a fatal heart attack. We got a picture of this scenario from a NBC-TV movie aired on November 20, 1987 titled:Fatal Confession: A Father Dowling Mystery, the effective pilot of a ABC TV Series called the Father Dowling Mysteries that lasted three seasons. In this particular movie mystery, Father Dowling is asked to look into the ancestry of a toy company executive. During the course of the Father Dowling's investigation, the toy company executive goes out on the ledge of a building and falls to his death. To Father Dowling, the death does not quite make sense. He continues to investigate and discovers the young man was murdered by an "dry ice bullet." It is an ideal murder weapon because it leaves no trace. We have found more than once that major crimes are first tested out on television shows or movies before they are done for real.

The implications of Yet Another Assassination

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, many commentators likened it to a militarycoup d'état. An assassination of Donald Trump and the subsequent "crocodile tears" cried by various political pundits will once again demonstrate that this country is run by a group ofPower Elites. While it is clear that Donald Trump is/was a rich man, he did not initially appear to be a globalist and he has not personally spent a lot of money attempting to move our government in one direction or the other. His contribution to the Clinton Foundation was one of the few exceptions to this personal rule. In any case, Donald Trump's run to the presidency was not done with a lot of money. It was done using many of the principles espoused on his television show. He used social media very effectively and he gave a lot of speeches to filled stadiums and auditoriums. His platform represented a very populist viewpoint. An assassination would be an elitist rejection of the will of the American people.

Alabama Governor George WallaceWhile Donald Trump's vice-presidential candidate would likely be a worthy opponent for Ms. Rodham-Clinton, it would be very difficult for that person to win the election.When Alabama Governor George Wallace (pictured to the right) was shot in the back and incapacitated for several months while running for president in 1972, the Democrats never recovered. What would have been an interesting Wallace-Nixon election, became a Nixon blowout because South Dakota Senator George McGovern was too liberal for the likes of the American voter. Mr. Wallace tried running in 1976, but apparently voters were not confident he could run the country from a wheelchair.

We pray that by getting this code out, we might prevent a major American disaster. The American people have a right to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Anything less cheapens the entire electoral process. If anyone has questions, please email us at

However, when we did a second run on this code, we found much more. Click here to learn more about Hillary Rodham's Quest to be President.

NOTE: Two weeks after this Bible Code reached compentent authorities, the Secret Service captured an assassin in Reno, Nevada. It turned out that Donald Trump had beefed up his security considerably before this rally.

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