The Bible Codes vs. Nazi Germany

The biggest persecutions of the Jews started early in the 20th century when Germany was defeated in World War I. Many Germans and Austrians blamed the Jews for their troubles and began to cling to Martin Luther's condemnation of them. They also found solace in the music of Richard Wagner, who felt the Jews were a scourge on German society. The media campaign intensified with the release of the silent film, The Golem in 1920. In this film, the Jewish rabbis were depicted as witches and shown to worship strange gods. These events fueled the fire we now know as National Socialism or Nazism. When Adolph Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, his "secret government" almost immediately began to implement the "Final Solution" that he had proposed in his infamous book Mein Kampf. (Though it was not officially written up until 1940) It was not long before the Nazis were rounding up Jews and placing them in Concentration Camps. When the exterminations began, the rabbis again called upon their Spiritual Technologies to defend themselves against the Nazis. As the war progressed though, many Jews were again obliged to move from Eastern Europe to Great Britain and later the United States.

Rabbi Weissmandl

One such man was Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl (1903-1957, pictured to the top right), part of the famous rabbinical community of East Europe, he was considered a "Torah Prodigy" by his peers. After reading the works of the Vilna Gaon, Ramban, and others, he decided to do his own research into their theory we now know as the Bible Codes. He started his research by putting the 304,805 letters of the Torah on index cards in 10 by 10 grids to facilitate further study.

The Unheeded Cry

His studies were interrupted when Nazi Germany was handed the Sudetenland by English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier. The Germans began to round up Jews and take them to either Ghettos in large cities, or more commonly, Concentration Camps in Germany, Poland, and the Baltic States. Rabbi Weissmandl interceded on behalf of his fellow Jews in an attempt to save them from the "final solution." As war fortunes began to go badly for the Germans, they stepped up their "final solution" activities and Rabbi Weissmandl soon found himself on a Nazi train headed for one of their Concentration Camps. His friends however, broke him out of the train and he was smuggled into Switzerland, where he made arrangements to move to the West. You can read his story in a book written by Dr. Abraham Fuchs titled The Unheeded Cry in 1983 and translated to English in 1984.


After a short time in Great Britain where he was rumored to have worked on Dr. Alan Touring's Bletchley Park Project breaking the German "Enigma Code," he emigrated to the United States where he started a Yeshiva Farm Settlement in Mount Kisco, New York City. While he mainly taught the more basic subjects of Judaism in his Yeshiva, he would, once in a while, discuss the idea of hidden codes in the Torah with some of his more advanced students. Without the pressures of Nazism, the Rabbi was able to continue with his Code Research. He recreated his Torah on Index Cards and proceeded to do some basic code research. Like his predecessors though, he wrote about his research in some obscure journals only his peers might read. His research was not lost though.


His Hebrew book Toras Chemed (if you know Hebrew, you can download a PDF file for free) discusses the subject, but more interesting is that some of his students took their notes from his classes when they emigrated to Israel after he died. The Rabbi was not part of the Labor Zionist movement.

The Bible Codes in Modern Times

When Rabbi Weissmandl's students showed the Rabbi's research to their professors at Hebrew University and other institutions of higher learning in Israel, there was a lot of interest. Eventually, even Mossad, the famous Israeli intelligence service, took notice of the codes and realizing their potential, began to sanction much of the research in Israel. The code research garnered international attention in 1994 with the publication of "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis" in Statistical Science, an academic journal dedicated to the study of the mathematical sub-field of statistics. This led journalist Michael Drosnin to write his New York Times bestseller, The Bible Code in 1996. This book drew attention to the Bible Codes from the general public and governments worldwide. Additional interest was generated when WhiteStone Foundation for Research director Tom Mack started making monthly appearances on Steve Quayle's radio program, The Q-Files from 1999 through 2002. He has also appeared on other radio programs, most notably, The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes. These days, Mr. Mack is a frequent guest on Shannon Davis' Omegaman Radio Broadcast.

Bible Code Bombshell

Despite criticisms from an Australian engineer, Dr. Brendon McKay and his Arab associates, the Bible Codes continue to generate interest throughout the world. Edward Sherman's book, Bible Code Bombshell, answered all of Dr. McKay's criticisms and turned even some of the the deepest critics of the Bible Codes into believers. Governments (and especially their intelligence agencies) are still deeply interested in what the codes may tell us, and we are using this site to publish our own findings and the findings of others.

While many Christians tend to disdain the work of Jewish Rabbis because of their refusal to receive Yehoshua (Jesus) of Nazareth as their Messiah, they are foolish not to take into account at least some of their writings and teachings. The Bible commands us to try all the spirits to see if they are of Yahuwah. (cf. I John 4:1) To automatically dismiss the teachings of the Rabbis, as the Roman Catholic Institution has taught for many centuries, ignores the direct teachings of the Bible. II Chronicles 35:22 clearly teaches that Pharaoh Necho (an Egyptian) carried the Word of Yahuwah. In Jeremiah 25:9 and 43:10, King Nebuchadnezzar is called "My servant" even though he was the King of Babylon. Therefore, to suggest that only Christians can carry the Word of Yahuwah is patently absurd. So to ignore the Bible Codes because it came from the Jewish Rabbis is clearly an unscriptural attitude.

Ark Code book

For many years, police departments have used Bible Codes to solve cold cases, many times getting phenomenal results... results that were more accurate than anything the psychics could give them. However, the apex of this work can be found in the work of Navy Lieutenant Barry Roffman, an Orthodox Jew who accepted as fact what Drs. Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips, and Yoav Rosenberg had written in their blockbuster paper. He began to realize that within the Bible Codes is proof of not only the existance of Ark of the Covenant, but detailed mapping of exactly where the Ark can be found. The book titled Ark Code is a chronicle of a man and his son (a doctoral candidate at the University of Florida), and their search for the real Ark of the Covenant. If Lt. Roffman can find the secret of the Ark of the Covenant with the Bible Codes, the door is now opened wide as to what we can discover with the codes.

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