The Second Pass

Like most Bible Codes, when you get the initial two words and build your initial code, you get a pretty basic story. However, as you find more words in the matrix, the story becomes clearer. As we found more words, the basic story became clearer. With Hillary Clinton, the October polls were showing that she is losing ground quick, both to Bernie Sanders (who most political pundits felt she should have disposed of by now) and to Donald Trump. Hillary now feels a lot of pressure to find a way back to the top where she feels she belongs. But what do the Bible Codes say about this?

The Hillary-Trump Bible Code Expanded

The Expanded Hillary Code

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This has turned out to be one of the larger codes we have ever done. The forty words tell us of a very desperate Hillary Clinton who has now called upon all her Sunni Islamic friends to help her get rid of Donald Trump. To complete this task, they have hired elements of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the accronym ISIS is both a term used by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and also a western media fabrication designed to mislead people about the real intentions of this Islamic terror group), in an effort to complete this task. She cannot hire normal assassins because they do not trust her! Real assassins (AKA "hit men") will only take jobs from people they are sure they can trust to pay them on time and in untracible cash!

Setting the Stage

Hillary Rodham's best advantage is the porous United States borders. The Obama Administration seemed to have done everything they could to inhibit the Border Patrol (ICE), effectively helping hundreds of thousands illegal aliens to cross into the United States and take up residence. Recent reports indicate that ISIL adherents have been part of the entourage which have crossed our borders in considerable numbers. When Donald Trump had a rally in San Diego, California, there was a considerable amount of violence, much of which, was indirectly financed by George Soros through the liberal The media has unwittingly been setting up the idea of a Donald Trump assassination by printing/broadcasting stories of "lone nut" fanatics desiring to kill him.Allegedly, Hillary Rodham told a Goldman Sachs [NYSE:GS] audience, that she would win the presidency "by any means necessary." (Therefore, if Donald Trump stood in her way, she would have no problem having him killed him.)

The Hillary Rodham Plan to Kill Donald Trump

Hillary Rodham's campaign seemed to be "on the rocks."" With two New York Daily News columnists and evenMSNBC calling for her to drop out, she has to come up with a big event to overcome theState Department's Inspector General Report. They reported that her Department cannot account for SIX BILLION DOLLARS! Right now, that event would have to equal or even be more catastrophic than what happened to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This code suggest such an event in is the workings. Ms. Rodham thinks she could use this event of her own creation to both get rid of Donald Trump and rally people to her cause. She also thinks uch an event would resolve her media problems as well.

Now that the ISIL people are in place, she would only need to supply them with the weapons and equipment necessary to carry out such a terrorist attack. They have proven over the years that they will die for their alleged Islamic cause. Countless movies and television shows have portrayed Islamic terrorists as willing to do anything for their cause. Attacking an area where Donald Trump would be having his rallies would serve their cause rather nicely.

Donald Trump has fueled the Arab fire by threatening to pull the United States of America out of the United Nations and to kick the United Nations off of American soil in some of his speeches. He has found that a lot of voters do not appreciate their tax money going to an organization that does not always do what they would like. Ever since the Korean War, the United Nations has created problems rather than solving them. 57 Arab nations make up the largest voting block in the United Nations. They stand to lose a lot of influence if the United States leaves the United Nations and forces them to pack up and find a new home. They would prefer to have a president in office that will continue to take their bribes and continue to help them dismantle Israel.

Defeating Hillary Rodham and the Arab Terrorists

The Word of God is about faith, hope, and love. This warning is in the Bible Codes in the hope that YHWH's people will stand against this evil and attack the enemy in the heavenlies, where they are the weakest. The Bible Codes show us that the Book of Nahum may indeed hold the key to defeating the devil's forces and putting an end to the wickedness of Hillary Clinton. We would recommend Jonathan van Helsing's small book:21st Century Warfare Prayers: Effective Spiritual Warfare in the 21st Century as a guide to this warfare. Its $7.95 price is very reasonable.

As for the lines of Hillary Rodham-Clinton, this text seems to describe her fate:

Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the wellfavoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts. Behold, I am against thee, saith the LORD of hosts; and I will discover thy skirts upon thy face, and I will shew the nations thy nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame. (Nahum 3:4-5)

Many Christians did not want to be part of Hillary Rodham's lot, so they took to the prayer closet to war against her and be on the side of the YHWH. It doesn't necessarily mean you should support Donald Trump but it does make clear that the servants of the YHWH should pray and do spiritual warfare against the witchcrafts of the Hillary Rodham-Clinton campaign.


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